We are an Albanian Recruitment Agency, specializing in headhunting and helping companies with foreign roots recruit the people they need within Albania and Kosovo. We find a wide range of people; from simple sales personnel (and there is nothing simple about finding good sales staff), to country managers, marketing managers, CFO’s, IT professionals and others. Our recruitment agency understands the cultural differences between Albania and other countries andassist you in recruiting the right employees with which you can grow your business. With many years of experience in headhunting and recruiting, we know where to look to find the people you need for in your industry. We want to see your business be successful in Albania and Kosovo.

We are here to be the main partner of the candidates and clients on the other hand to help them to grow and work with professionals.

Founder and Headhunting Executive


They are the main asset of the company. Our people are professional and responsible of what they do.

Customer Focus
It is our purpose to be their top-of-mind and top-of-heart choice.

We assure to build up professional long term relationships
We do our best to provide them with the best fit candidate in the right time and place.


Love what you do and do it with passion

We try to make people feel confident and willing to develop themselves in the working environment.
If you love what you do, you never give up or fail.

We are always aware of the new things in HR Industry and we easily try to offer it to our clients and candidates.